Obsidio cover reveal

The third cover for the Illuminae series was revealed by Entertainment Weekly today and I am beyond excited for it.

I’ll let the cover do the talking.


Photo from Entertainment Weekly (note the watermark 🙂 )


The cover is very dark in comparison to the bright blue and red of the first two covers, which makes me wonder whether we’re going to be faced with an even darker story.

The type on the front ‘live a life worth dying for’ is quite ominous as well, and makes me wonder just how dangerous it may be for our characters.

I’m both excited and nervous to read this finale. I can’t wait to see how all the characters interact and what amazing ideas Kaufman and Kristoff will come up with for their finale, and I have high expectations considering the first two books have done nothing but impress.

However I am also worried about the emotional turmoil I might be left in when this series is over.

Let me know whether you like the cover or if you’re excited to read this. Do you have any theories about how this finale will all play out?

Obsidio will be released March 13th, 2018.