Why to buy books locally

Amazon, the world’s largest book seller, has recently come under fire from authors and creatives for not paying them appropriately for their work.

As a struggling university student studying Creative Writing, I’m always looking for a cheap way to buy books whilst also supporting the wonderful authors who provide us with entertainment.


Libraries are still the best place to get books. Photo taken by Mark爱生活

Incidences like this with Amazon (along with outrageous international shipping prices) only strengthen my belief in supporting our local booksellers.

I used to think The Book Depository was a good alternative, until three of the books I ordered didn’t arrive and I realised the company had been bought by Amazon in 2011.

Personally, I now only buy books from Australian owned companies, like Booktopia, or just buy from my local bookstore.

I understand buying from international booksellers, the books can be cheaper and you can often find a much larger variety, but as someone hoping to publish my own novels in Australia one day, I find myself morally obliged to support our local publishers.

If I want something a bit more niche, like the latest copy of the Library Wars manga, I’ll look up one of my favourite Melbourne based stores, Minotaur, and still be able to support Australian business.

At the end of the day, my local library has always been the book supplier I hold dearest to my heart, and who in my eyes, can do no wrong.

Let me know what you think.


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